Healing inspired, new age, yet soultry original productions by a young legend who has now ascended into eternal light. All projects have been curated and compiled into dedication events or compositions to bring awareness to the legacy he left behind. Artist, Nxko Laurant, (1993-2014) has been a light in the eyes of many for his authenticity. His life here on earth was cut short in the year 2014 and with only 21 years of life he managed to touch the hearts and souls of a large and diverse demographic of music lovers. We often apply one his favorite quotes to the story of his legacy as he left behind his masterpieces of sound or "personal vibrations". Once you listen, you too understand that "No one Ever Really Dies".

Together his family, loved ones, and the passionate artists on his projects, bring to you his legacy and hope that you can appreciate the love he left behind. Nxko Laurant called himself "The Healer" as if healing was his occupation. He believed in the power of good music, he believed in the love and art that music fused together. Nxko felt that through the music, he could heal the hurting world, paying respect to the common known fact that music is The Universal Language. When words fail, music speaks. He was a man of few words however a man of many sounds and many infectious beats. 


Images courtesy of Soul Dreamin

The Nxko Legacy Project is now his platform to carry out his dream of offering real music to love and heal the world.